Friday, February 24, 2017

Truthiness to power

Daily Caller: "Now the NYT has a new slogan too."  "Speaking truth to power took a nice long snooze between, oh, around 2009-2016."


Anonymous said...

So, today in the news...

*The White House admits they tried and failed to get the FBI to discredit story about continuous Russia/campaign contact
*House and Senate intelligence committee chairmen both concede they personally tried to convince reporters to reject the Russia story
*The Wall Street Journal and Fox News' Bret Baier both denounce Spicer/WH for selectively banning the news outlets (e.g. NYT, CNN, BBC) who've been breaking the Russia story
*Wall Street Journal says it would not have knowingly participated, and will not attend any such White House blackball events in the future
*Poll: Majority of the public supports a serious Trump-Russia probe
*Trump blasts leakers, demands "FIND NOW" (can a "FIND NOW" executive order be far behind?)
*Trump unleashes attack on "enemy" media
*White House requests DHS report to support its Muslim ban, but instead, the report discredits the ban's entire rationale
*Town Halls continue to lay siege to Congressmen, at least those who dare to show up
*Republican Congressman admits, "I don't know if we're going to be able to repeal Obamacare now... we don't have the votes."
*Poll: Majority of the public supports Obamacare

Hashtagg Romney said...

The Times actually doesn't have a new slogan. But if it did, it couldn't possibly be as moronic as #PowerOfTheFirstLady.

Anonymous said...

Good job with the bullet points above. Keep it up and the Clinton death squad will let you live.

Anonymous said...

Conservative comedy, ladies and gentlemen! Let's hear it for conservative comedy! (*)

(*This does not encompass the kind of inadvertent conservative comedy that's bullet-pointed in the first post.)