Wednesday, February 15, 2017

A nation of laws

I wholeheartedly agree with this analysis by Patterico on reports that Trump will no longer enforce the Obamacare mandate for mandatory healthcare: "All hail the King! Trump's IRS will "turn a blind eye" to enforcement of Obamacare mandate":
I’m sure plenty of Trump supporters will cheer this — because, you know, Trump. But if you’ll recall, conservatives (including myself) screamed bloody murder — with good reason — when Obama unilaterally decided to delay enforcement of ObamaCare provisions like the employer mandate. For me and for many others, this was a genuine and principled concern. But I think we’re about to find out that, for some conservatives, the complaints about Obama’s actions were pure partisanship — and for these unprincipled hypocrites, non-enforcement is about to be cool again.
To paraphrase "A Man for All Seasons", Obama cut a road through the laws to maintain Obamacare, whether diverting money to the risk corridors or ignoring statutory timelines.  And while President Clinton and/or a Democrat-controlled Senate was a sure thing, the political Left cheered it on.  So I understand that the urge to stick it back is strong, but this tu quoque fallacy leaves us without laws, only interpretation by an executive authority which is no law at all.

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Robert Mitchell Jr. said...

Well, no. First, of course, Tu Quoque is a valid point in a system that follows precedent, like ours does. Second, Article Two, Section Two. The President has always had this power. There was an unspoken agreement to not use this power, but Obama broke it, pretending he didn't is just pointless kabuki. Third, how else do we fix this, if you think it needs to be fixed? If there is no penalty, you would give us a system where the Democrats, and only the Democrats can ignore the laws at will. Much like the teachers told us not to fight back against the bullies. Like that works.........