Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Good schools for me but not for thee

Daily Caller: "These Senators Opposed Vouchers Backer Betsy DeVos But Send THEIR Kids To Fancypants Private Schools."  Just like those celebrity hypocrites.


Anonymous said...

These Senators Idiotically Call Social Security a "Pyramid Scheme," Yet Voted to Confirm a Woman Who's Raked In Billions by Running an Actual Pyramid Scheme

Eric said...

Whether it's Social Security or charter schools, the important thing is to never - EVER - let people have control of their own money.

They might make bad decisions. Slavery is freedom.

Anonymous said...

Liberals can't allow people to make their own choices on where to get the best education for their children. First they'll lose control of teacher unions who care more protecting their own poor teachers, than the children they claim to care so much about. Then they lose control over their institutions of brainwashing that churn out under-educated youth that require a lifetime of welfare that liberals use to buy votes.

But they themselves won't send their children to the same failing schools they are so desperate to perpetuate.

That's why liberals claim everybody is a racist. They need to hide the fact they are the true racists who want to keep minorities poor, uneducated and dependent on government assistance.

Anonymous said...

"Liberals are dictatorial, child-abandoning, mind-controlling, corrupt, hypocritical, exploitative, persecuting, deceptive, racist smear merchants. And even worse, they won't listen to my sensible viewpoint."

You gotta love....
Conservatives who routinely try to cut school lunch programs, accusing liberals of only pretending to care about kids.

Conservatives who accuse liberals of brainwashing tactics, while never deviating from the same old lines from the same lame GOP script.

Conservatives who want somebody else to subsidize their private school tuition bill, then accuse others of playing politics by handing out welfare.

It's a mystery why this argument is on such a losing streak.

Slavery is freedom.

Hysteria is reason.

Ole Massa Fica, his whip hand is the devil's hisself.

Eric said...

"It's a mystery why this argument is on such a losing streak."

Ha-ha, yeah, we're on full retreat across the country.

Anonymous said...

Not full retreat. Just comparative lack of success.

When was the last time voters backed vouchers at the ballot box? Why have charter school expansion bills been stalling in state after state? When and where have there been any sustained gains for this popular movement that American parents demand?

Maybe, just perhaps, the "liberal teachers unions hate kids and love failing schools, so give us their money and take our word for what happens after that" message needs some tweaking.