Saturday, February 25, 2017

Power mad

I don't understand: usually Democrats can't wait to tell Americans what to do because they know better.  So what happens when Trump hands control back to the States?  Well, they hate that too.  Powerline: "Why is Democratic governor outraged that Trump ceded power to the States?"

Our idiot Attorney General here in Massachusetts is playing the same game.  Stop us before we set our own rules!


Anonymous said...

Official statements:

1. Connecticut's Governor reminds his teachers and police they are not obliged to enforce federal immigration policies-- sends a "troubling" message because we are a nation of laws!

2. Transgender bathroom access-- this issue is something that each state must be allowed to decide for themselves!

3. Legalized marijuana-- the feds will step in and crack down on recreational marijuana use in states where it's been made legal!

These all happened within a single Sean Spicer press conference this week.

States' rights are awesome... but you don't want to overdo.

Anonymous said...

And don't forget the sacred principle, "insurers MUST be allowed to sell health coverage across state lines." No need to respect states' rights there, or at least not the top 49 of them.