Thursday, February 23, 2017

Americans are tired of leftward direction

Charlotte Observer: "NASCAR spinning out of control, Wall Street Journal article says."

The WSJ article is behind a pay wall so we'll have to settle for this article.  I like NASCAR...but I used to like it a lot more.  I think the Generation Six car eliminated some of the adjustments that added dynamism to the race and some big names (Tony Stewart, Jeff Gordon) are no longer behind the wheel.  I've been to a couple races but I've drifted away due to the cost and time involved.


Roger Bournival said...

Another problem - they keep changing the points formula every damned year. If you win four races during the year and, say, finish top ten in another ten races, you're pretty much lumped in with the other Chase drivers when the Chase starts instead of being the guy everyone else has to knock off.

Another problem - how do you have any points before they even run the first lap? -

Nowadays I'll watch Daytona, Talledega, Sonoma and Watkins Glen pretty much from start to finish, and that's about it.

Eric said...

Oh, yeah, I heard about the new points system. Every year it's some new spin.

I used to joke that they changed the rules regularly to the point where you get into the Chase if your name rhymes with "Bernhardt."