Saturday, February 20, 2016

What is wrong with you people?

Precious snowflakes or crybullies: you make the call.  Breitbart: "Rutgers students hold group therapy session after Milo Yiannopoulos visit."

All the world a victim.

Extra - The Corner: "Study: Student Support for Censorship Reaches All-Time High."


Anonymous said...

They're liberals. Is it any more complicated than that?

Anonymous said...

Whereas many brave conservatives whimper about Christianity being under attack because of gay wedding cakes. They poop themselves over a lone middle-aged Black Panther at a polling place. They say, and possibly believe, that political correctness is a scarier problem than climate change.

There are a lot of special, delicate flowers in America's garden.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the moral equivalence is obvious between someone being hounded out of business for refusing do discard their religious principles, and someone finding themselves on a college campus where a viewpoint they disagree with is temporarily allowed to be expressed.

Anonymous said...

The "traumatized" Rutgers students are mostly hurting themselves, while the bakery "victims" are mostly hurting others.

Not to mention the minor detail of which of the two was breaking the law.

But hey, I'll say it: both sides are noxious asses. America is a better place when their demands for special treatment are rejected, and their stupid tribal cowardice is belittled.

Anonymous said...

...the bakery "victims" are mostly hurting others.

Being the "victim" of a campaign of vitriol and hate, and being forced to close a business into which one has invested one's blood, sweat, tears, and life savings, and then being fined six figures by a court. What a fascinating and unique way of hurting "others".

Ah yes, "the law." It's important for the law to be followed by each person, high or low, is it not?

Anonymous said...

Yes, how tragic. And all of that woe just fell upon them like a sudden squall out of a clear blue sky, just as it does to the flowers and the rocks and the woodland creatures who also did nothing to bring the storm upon themselves. Luke 6:31 who?

Lester Maddox was a righteous hero to morons once, but even morons don't celebrate him today. Now, it's plucky bakers. But, thank God, the world keeps on rolling ahead.