Friday, February 26, 2016

Silicon Valley, yo

This past week, I took my first-ever trip to San Jose, Milpitas, and Santa Clara.  Companies like Cisco, Samsung, SanDisk, and Intel were side-by-side.

Stuff I saw:
  • A power couple had converted their restaurant table to a mini-office with Macbooks and Iphones plugged into multiple power strips.
  • The Valley has its own light rail to move workers from their $4000/month apartments to their workstations.
  • Also saw a large luxury bus leaving the Cisco campus; clearly not a class trip.
  • There was a highway leading west to San Francisco: every morning it was a complete parking lot.  At 7am, it was moving at 10mph tops.
  • Lots of luxury cars and electrics.
  • Had my first In-and-Out cheeseburger - twas good.
  • At breakfast in the hotel lobby, there were times when I was the only Caucasian in sight.
  • My two-year-old HTC One was almost certainly the oldest cellphone within a ten-mile radius.


Anonymous said...

Love your blog Eric. Don't take a job there and leave western Mass.

Eric said...

Ha - thanks. My current company is closing down the branch I work at here on the East Coast and they want me to move to the West Coast.

But, no.

Brian G. said...

My favorite part of visiting the Bay Area is leaving.

Good luck to you E.