Monday, February 15, 2016

Going nowhere fast

Victor Davis Hanson: "Hillary Clinton's dead-end campaign":
Hillary Clinton’s campaign is headed down a dead-end street. There are no way-outs through decrying the treatment of women and the baleful influence of Wall Street, calling for fair enforcement of laws, referring to either the sad or great state of Obama’s economy and foreign policy, or voicing the populist concern for indebted students and losers in today’s calcified economy.
Bernie Sanders has so far mostly avoided direct attacks on Hillary (except for mentioning her Wall Street speaking fees) and the press has been compliant.  But The Republican nominee won't be so polite.

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Anonymous said...

And when someone with Victor Davis Hanson's proven track record of correctly reading elections says Hillary's campaign "is not a winning way to the White House," it's clearly time for the beaten Dems to start looking to 2020.