Monday, February 22, 2016

Down and out in San Francisco

PJ Media: "Epic Whine by Clueless Millennial Gets Her Fired."
Her first huge mistake was moving to San Francisco. It might be nice to live in your dream city where the weather is nice and you're close to your dad, but seriously, how could anyone expect to work a minimum wage job in one of the most expensive cities in the world? It's incomprehensible and shows a critical lack of understanding of the outside world.
Magical thinking is a requirement for Left Coast cities like Seattle where the "radical experiment" into a $15 minimum wage has - surprise! - led to a spike in the unemployment rate.

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Max Blancke said...

I worked in San Francisco for a couple of months. My employer, a multi-Billion dollar global corporation, was required by contract to provide housing for me. They ended up renting me a furnished apartment in Oakland, and providing me with a car for the stupid commute. The night life in SF was interesting, in that there was a very high weirdness level. Oakland was hellish. I felt safer when I was staying in Johannesburg.