Monday, February 01, 2016

Something to think about, Iowa

Hugh Hewitt: "Hillary's emails disqualify her from the Presidency"
Just ask yourself what we would give to know what the Russian or Chinese foreign secretary was reading and sending every day in real time. That's what our enemies had for four years. Thanks, Hillary. Even the president was sending her emails the enemies of the United States were reading.

So she deleted 30,000 emails without anyone reviewing them. Now we have absolute confirmation that among those her clean up squad missed are documents of such sensitivity that the government can't release a word of them.
Keep in mind that it is the State Department that has classified these emails as "Top Secret" and this morning it was reported that the nature of the top secret classification is operational intelligence that put lives at risk.  Yet Hillary keeps repeating the mantra that this is an "interagency" dispute.  The State Department disagrees with the State Department?

Oh but the "markings."  Grandma can't figure out anything without the markings.

Extra - From Instapundit.

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