Tuesday, July 07, 2015

You want it? You got it.

Megan McArdle: "Greece hits the self-destruct button."

This just in, via the WashPost: "Europe gives Greece 5 days to avoid bankruptcy."


Ooooh said...

Europe's gonna play its trumpet! (What's it gonna do?)

Eric said...

OMG - I get that "Gong Show" reference!

Jai-Pei Morgan said...

It's interesting to see how much attention is being paid to the 12th and 20th and 37th final deadlines for the banking showdown in Greece.

In much duller news, China has frozen all trading on 40% of the country's securities, to keep its market's losses since mid-June tamped DOWN to just $3.2 trillion. Hey, it worked great for us in 1929!