Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Prepare to be shocked: Hillary lied

Wall Street Journal: "A Fact-Check of Hillary Clinton’s CNN Interview on Her Personal Email."

I didn't see the interview - and don't plan to - but by all accounts it was a train wreck for both Hillary and the CNN reporter, who didn't follow up and challenge Hillary's falsehoods.  Somebody like Tim Russert would have had the facts ahead of time and pushed back against the predictable and shop-worn responses.

Speaking of the media, here's Patterico:
Democrats think Republicans can’t see media bias unless Republicans are the target. Oh, we can see it. We’re used to seeing it. And on those rare occasions when the bias is directed against a Democrat? I’m not gonna lie. It’s sweet payback.
Oh, yeah, it's great.  I wonder if this is a backlash from the Great Journalist Roundup in New Hampshire.

Extra - Via Moe Lane: "Trey Gowdy: Hillary Clinton is flat-out lying about us not subpoenaing her."  Once again, I don't blame Hillary for prevaricating - fish gotta swim.  I do blame the media for letting her get away with repeated mendacity like the "one device" lie.  Do your jobs, for once.

More - Powerline: "It’s a shame that Keilar doesn’t keep up with the news. She might have been able to ask a follow-up question or two."  Exactly.

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Trey mal said...

Facts are conservative. Hillary and her voters don't care.