Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Drip drip drip - more Hillary lies

So many to choose from.  Let's start here: Washington Examiner: "Yes, Clinton lied about her emails."  They were altered by her staff before the paper copies were turned over to State:
But the proof of intent to deceive comes in the fact that Clinton or her staff actually edited some of the emails and turned over censored versions to State before destroying her copy of the originals.
Why paper copies instead of electronic?  Because there are ways to tell if an electronic document has been altered.  Bonus: it slows down the disclosure process.

Next: remember how there were concerns about sensitive State secrets on an unsecured private server?  Well, we were told - relax! - no worries.  And then: "NYT Reporter: State Dept. Redacted Two-Dozen Clinton Emails Despite Her Saying There Was No Classified Information On Them."

Finally, recall how Hillary deleted all the "private" emails, leaving behind only the important work-related emails from her tenure in State?  Well, those printed out pages full of relevant disclosure include decisions over luxury jet rides and requests for iced tea.


Anonymous said...

Once you've faced sniper fire on the tarmac in service to the national security of our country, then you'll have the right to criticize Hillary's way of gaining the power necessary for her to help us all.

Eric said...

Oh, yeah, forgot about that.

Roger Bournival said...

I liked Huckabee's comment (paraphrasing): 'Let's ask the Chinese for the e-mails.'