Monday, July 06, 2015

This is not a trick question

The Atlantic: "Why Won't Hillary Clinton Talk to Reporters?"

Because she has nothing to say.  Duh.



Bram said...

They might ask her questions...

"Why did you conceal your e-mails? Will you turn over the server?"

"Libya - what the fuck were you thinking"

"Benghazi - did you lie about it for a reason, or just out of habit?"

"Bill and the Russian Uranium - Should you be prosecuted for racketeering?"

Eric said...

She had an interview with Terry Gross at NPR - no Fox News there - that was an absolute train wreck.

I might be the only person who believes she's going to refuse to debate.

Anonymous said...

Hillary's strategy is obviously to try to run out the clock. If she thinks she can get away with not answering a single question, she will do it. In her mind, there are enough low-information voters who will vote for her whether she participates in the process or not. She knows there will be some erosion of support that occurs over the months, but figures that if she just acts regal and above it all, that will be held to a minimum.

You're right, she may simply not lower herself to debate Sanders. Then against her Republican opponent, it will be: "He's sexist, I'm offended but determined to make history, etc., etc." At all times her flaws - bad speaker, lack of accomplishments, lack of ethics, declining cognitive skills - will be actively covered up by the Lasso'd Loyalty Club.

Interestingly, she tried to use the same strategy in 2007; it failed miserably. Still, back then it was a choice. Now, I don't think she has the mental agility to do it any other way than she's doing it.

Will it result in a victory this time?


The Sword of Demographics said...

Will it result in a victory this time?


Of course she won't win. The Republican path to victory is so wide open and clear. It's as simple as the demographics of the past quarter century of presidential elections.

If the mentally inept Hillary Clinton can, impossibly, match electoral juggernaut Al Gore's level of support with female voters, all the superior GOP candidate will need to do to beat her is to get the same level of support with male voters that Ronald Reagan got in 1984.

Also, the white vote, which has declined five times in five elections, has to stop doing that.

Easy peasy.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to ruffle your feathers, Demo.

The Sword of Demographics said...

Glad to see you are unruffled, as you take a dispassionate look at your arrogant, conniving, regal, woman card-playing, unaccomplished, unethical, cognitively damaged next President.

I'm not offended; Hillary's no prize. I'm just saying, numbers are numbers.

Anonymous said...

I'm just saying, numbers are numbers.

Yup, it's sewn up nice and tidy in a neat little reductionist package. No worries.

Felix Unskew said...