Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Operation Protect Obama (and Hillary)

Jake Tapper on CNN: "Newly released Benghazi documents reinforce that White House was pushing that video was to blame"
New documents obtained by conservative watchdog Judicial Watch reinforce that the White House strongly argued that an anti-Muslim video was the reason for the deadly 2012 terror attacks on U.S. compounds in Benghazi.
This was done even though intelligence and diplomatic sources on the ground were more convinced the attacks that killed Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans in eastern Libya were carried out by terrorists and not the spontaneous work of an angry mob.
Confirming what most of us paying attention already knew, White House political operative Ben Rhodes set the "goals":
To underscore that these protests are rooted in an Internet video, and not a broader failure of policy.”
And Susan Rice complied on the Sunday morning talk shows, over and over.  Well, hats off to Ben Rhodes and noted national security adviser David Plouffe.  They ran out the clock with their YouTube prevarication and all it really cost them was Susan Rice at the State Department.  Mission Accomplished.

Extra - Washington Free Beacon quoting Charles Krauthammer: "I find the most scandalous element of this from purely just a human point of view, is the fact that the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, with the bodies of the dead lying in front of her and with the families there, brought up the video and said a video with which we had nothing to do, and then according to one of the family members, when she went over to console that family member, she said ‘We’re going to get the guy who did the video.’ Now, that to me, if she knew that this was a phony story and I’m not sure I can understand how it would be otherwise, is a form of deception that I think is truly scandalous.”

More - Roger L. Simon: "We will now see if there is even a figment of honesty in our mainstream media and if our elected representatives are to be trusted in any way."  Oh, yeah, the MSM, who did not bother to file a FOIA request; it took Judicial Watch.

And this - More from Instapundit.


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Whee, another "smoking gun." The nation responds:


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Whee, another "smoking gun". One of the nation's shining lights responds:


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The GOP plan to derail Clinton campaign: further Benghazi investigations.

Hillary responds: