Monday, April 28, 2014

He loves his straw men

Hey, the media is starting to notice that Obama loves to contradict critics that don't exist.  Mediate: "CNNers Rip Obama for Responding to Straw Men ‘Critics’"

Extra - Hot Air: "It seems the only people Obama will challenge are Republicans and straw men."


Anonymous said...

The media is finally, at long last, starting to notice this deceptive Obama move. Until now, they've been where they always are - in the tank for the left.

In The Tank said...

Look! Squirrel!...Bush!

Tanks but no tanks said...

That's no squirrel. That's a strong, majestic steed who kept us safe.

We can't risk letting him show his face at our presidential conventions, of course. But back in the day, long long ago, he was glorious.