Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Clothed in righteousness

There was a brief moment in time, according to Bob Woodward, when the Campaigner-in-Chief had some qualms about his casual slandering of political opponents who just happen to hold different beliefs:
President Barack Obama credits Congressional Republicans for Washington’s partisanship and gridlock, but a new book by Bob Woodward, The Price of Politics, reveals Obama may be the one who poisoned the well and now regrets it.
According to ABC News, Obama told Woodward the tone of his speech at George Washington University in April of 2011, which he used to denounce Paul Ryan’s budget before meeting or discussing it with Ryan, was “a mistake.” 
Well, he got over his qualms.  Here's the Federalist explaining Obama's recent press conference where opponents of Obamacare have only one nefarious goal: to deny Americans health insurance.
This may explain why the President suggests that his opponents are “working . . . hard for people not to have health insurance.” There are two options: either you’re an advocate of Progressive justice who wants people to have healthcare, or you’re actively trying to keep people from getting it. To imagine a person who seeks a just administration of human affairs, who is not a Progressive, and who does not support the principle of predetermined, state-enforced positive rights is to dream of a man who lacks both a head and a heart, yet who claims to be on the road to virtue. Late bloomers and the repentant are always welcome. But qualified dissent is not.
Oh but rest assured that Mr. Reasonable is always willing to work with these puppy kickers and Grandma shovers, because that's how hope and change works.  Until it doesn't: "Carney Suggests Republicans are like Racists."
It just boggles the mind that we have a White House that routinely villainizes half the country, over which it also presides. What a sad moment this is.
Hey, there are elections ahead and an ego to protect.

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe that the radical Muslim fascist socialist libtard racist community activist unAmerican non-American America-hating indecisive apologist pussy ruthless lawbreaking dictator, who golfs and fundraises while people die, is demonizing his opponents.

You lie!