Thursday, April 24, 2014

A pyromaniac in a field of straw men

George Will reviews the rhetorical stylings of our boy-wonder: "The adolescent President"
Finally, the real discussion-stopper for the righteous — and there is no righteousness like an adolescent’s — is an assertion that has always been an Obama specialty. It is that there cannot be honorable and intelligent disagreement with him. So last week, less than two minutes after saying that the argument about the ACA “isn’t about me,” Obama said some important opposition to the ACA is about him, citing “states that have chosen not to expand Medicaid for no other reason than political spite.”
Peter Wehner noted the same cheap stereotyping a year ago:
This is a president who, when he’s not sermonizing on the importance of civility in public discourse, is accusing Republicans of being social Darwinists and members of the “flat earth society,” of putting their party ahead of their country, and of wanting dirty air and dirty water.
We love us our rich people, too.  Obama's shortcut to political discourse saves time since it shuts down debate and has the added benefit of stroking his ego.  After all, only the crazy and evil could possibly oppose the pure and virtuous, the One who stops the oceans from rising.

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