Friday, December 13, 2013

New Yorkers mugged by reality

Minuteman: "Peak Schadenfreude Alert"  "Were you worried that ObamaCare was maxing out as a source of comedy gold?"  With so many delicious quotes.


Ja We Can said...

And yet New Yorkers' insurance premiums are being cut about 50% on average. That might be one reason for the underreporting of the new health apocalypse in the Empire State.

It is unclear exactly how many New Yorkers are affected

Oh, the theoretical humanity!

Republicans may as well enjoy their intermittent and highly specific schadenfreude wherever they can get it. The realpolitik zeitgeist was emphatically reaffirmed in 2012, rendering the right's kampf to stop Obamacare kaput.

Eric said...

I'm not even mad. That was an amazing use of German.

The article is funny if only for the line: "We are the Obama people." Or the Obamadumbkopfs.

New York's insurance system suffered from a pre-existing condition.

The problems of our betters said...

The New York Times runs a lot of blinkered "man on the street" trend articles in which the street is entirely doorman buildings.

It's so hard to get a wet nurse with references these days. And don't even get me started on the recent drop in quality of the Norwegian gammelost cheese at Zabar's.