Friday, December 06, 2013

Can't possibly be true...and probably isn't

I've written about this before but sometimes a story comes along and it just doesn't pass the stink test.  Maybe it's the source, maybe it's the subject, but I just can't believe it.  And (patting my back now) I didn't believe the story that Obama didn't meet with Kathleen Sebelius in three years.

What's more, this reinforces everything I hate about the mainstream media.  For years, nutcase Teabaggers like me were warning that Obamacare could not possibly operate the way it was promised.  Now that things look bad - surprise! - the media (Politico no less!) decides it's time to pile on and run stories about how the President didn't meet with his HHS secretary for three years.  Why?  Because it's safe to pile on.

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