Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A law in name only

Megan McArdle has a very good article on the future of Obamacare: "Change is Obamacare's only certainty."  She goes on to write that all the twists and turns to avoid the fury of the voters has made the whole system untenable to the point that she (and I) believe that the individual mandate will not be enforced.
At that point, something called Obamacare would still exist, but it wouldn’t be anything like the comprehensive universal coverage its designers imagined. It would basically be a Medicaid expansion in some blue states, plus trivial tweaks to some insurance regulations.
And speaking of insurance regulations, how much more will insurance companies take?  Businesses need to predict and plan and nobody knows where this wheel of tweaks will land.

Extra - Vodkapundit: "I’ve written before that ObamaCare’s un-phased subsidies put an effective cap on middle class income, a point from which families simply can’t afford any additional income. Stay put, comrades — you’ve gone as far we feel you should."

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