Thursday, June 06, 2013

Satan says: "Damn it's cold in here" - Fox News: "New York Times editorial board says administration has 'lost all credibility'."

You know who built this extra-Constitutional monster, NYT?  The Gray Lady, that tireless cheerleader of everything Obama, whose editorial page (typically) reads like a Jay Carney press release.  Did your crack staff of quote-unquote journalists break any one of these scandals?  No you did not because you were busy doodling "Obama" in your notebooks.

This one's for you, NY Times:

Blair Litton: "Oh, you think anyone who's proud of the work we do is an ass-kisser."
Aaron Altman: "No, I think anyone who puckers up their lips and presses it against their bosses buttocks and then *smooches* is an ass-kisser."

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