Friday, June 07, 2013

How the other half budgets

In a post closely related to mine about how young Americans will respond to the Obamacare mandate, Megan McArdle recounts the opinion of a pastor who deals with "median" Americans who aren't so good with their money (via Instapundit):
What I’m saying is that for a large minority of people opting out of the ACA probably won’t even be a conscious choice. It will just happen because of the complexity, the upfront sticker cost and the lack of ability to make good financial decisions.
The individual mandate assumes most people are rational about health insurance when, clearly, they are not.


Lather, rinse, repeal said...

Looks like we have to ensure one more round of this, before it gets tacked onto the litany of generic complaints.

Woo hoo, GOP. Party like it's 2009!

Lather, rinse, repeal said...

ensure = endure

Ensure is where Fox News' demographic gets its fiber.

Eric said...

Question: I know it's all for show and detracts from important matters (like the budget) but if Americans don't like the law, isn't it the duty of Congress to amend and/or repeal it?

Phillip E. Buster said...

Duty indeed. But on acknowledging global warming, raising the debt ceiling, or background checks for gun buyers, Congress should continue voting their consciences.