Saturday, June 08, 2013

I did not have relations with that Administration - Ricochet: "Completing the Limbaugh theorem."


awesome said...

The author was drowning well before she cited Coulter, Ann for corroboration. That column is retarded.

However, as someone who gloomily expects the Dems to take a midterm shellacking, I'd love to see lots more of this kind of analysis.

The comments are pretty awesome, too. Did you know the media had to sabotage Herman Cain so as to preserve the white guilt factor? Of course you didn't. And why not? THE MEDIA!

Eric said...

That post was added by a low-level staffer in Cincinnati. It was based on the best information available at the time.

It's best not to dwell on this awful post but to determine how to prevent this from happening again.

Why did you link this? said...

It's a terrible article. It starts with the self-congratulatory "why can't the public be as smart and perceptive as I am?" cry that is always the first refuge of the beaten, and deteriorates from there.

Me fail elections? But that's unpossible! When people vote wrong even though I'm so, so right, It must be a "phenomenon" that requires a "theorem" to identify the "root cause."

But there's a solution to this nightmare of white guilt and TMZ. The way to beat the President is by pretending he doesn't exist. Uh, okay then, chief. When you get back here to Earth, please give us the full update about how that plan worked out.

Ray Falca said...

A race that produced Mitt Romney has every reason to feel guilty.