Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Motivation low

It seems like all the heat and light right now is focused on immigration but this is an issue I just can't get animated about.  I know it's of intense interest on the border states but I can't wrap my head around it.  Does a "path to citizenship" essentially reward illegal immigrants for sticking it out?  Or is the current policy an untenable melange of gray-area law?  The views of a guy up in Western Massachusetts are inconsequential to the business man in El Paso.

Obama's "major" global warming speech is getting the attention it deserves, which is virtually nil.  I like this takeaway from the WashPost:
3. The president is willing to demonize climate skeptics. “We don’t have time for a meeting of the Flat Earth society,” the president said, a shot across the bow given the fact that most congressional Republicans question the link between human activity and global warming.
Yeah, so situation normal: Obama wants to save the world and everybody else wants to see it burn.

What else?  The Zimmerman trial?  Call me when we get to witness "John".

How about the Supreme Court ruling on the Voting Right Act?  This outlandish reaction is why I stopped subscribing to the Atlantic: "...as lamentable as Plessy or Dred Scott."  Really?  This isn't 1965 anymore and most Southern states have reached parity in terms of voting participation rates.  I suppose the argument could be made that this is a classic example of judicial activism since Congress recently renewed the VRA by unanimous margins, but that's not the argument being made by the usual firebrands.  It's all-racism, all-the-time.  Incidentally, here's a picture of the mayor of Selma, Alabama.

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