Friday, November 02, 2012

Somebody from ABC News shouted a question - And Obama smiled and walked on.  That's part of Jim Treacher's "Benghazi news round-up."  "The Obama administration knew an attack on Benghazi was imminent. They knew Islamic terrorists love anniversaries, and 9/11 was coming up. They did nothing to stop the attack, and even hindered efforts to stop it. Then Obama and his surrogates told ridiculous lies to cover up their ineptitude. Then they lied about the lies. Then they lied about the lies about the lies. And so on."

And here's the conclusion of the WashPost editorial: "A security breakdown in Benghazi" "While the agencies separately defend themselves — or not — the White House appears determined to put off any serious discussion of Benghazi until after the election. Sooner or later, however, the administration must answer questions about what increasingly looks like a major security failure — and about the policies that led to it."

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