Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Damn, wasn't that first debate great?

I don't have much to say here.  I thought Romney ran a competent campaign but the Obama campaign did an effective job of painting him as a "rich guy" and loathing those guys is all the rage these days.  When the Gallup poll started opening up +5% for Mitt and he was packing Red Rocks and one poll showed a slim lead in Ohio, I thought I sensed a tide swelling.  But no.

If you haven't noticed, this blog's author is preoccupied with the national debt in general and entitlement reform (as a way to control debt) specifically.  I firmly believe that we are marching down the same path well-worn by Japan and Greece and every other overextended empire.  I'm not saying that Mitt Romney would have made great strides against turning back the tide of red ink but I'd like to believe that Paul Ryan would steer America towards much-needed reform.

But I guess guys like me and Paul Ryan and just the schoolmarms at the prom who insist on six inches of space between you and your dance partner.  Geez, what a drag.  Just put it on the credit card and let the next generation worry about the bill.


Tough night said...

1. The Obama campaign cynically created a useful, faddish caricature, and that's the reason why they won.

2. I trusted my eye for picking out the good polls, while repeatedly laughing at Nate Silver for "beclowning" himself.

3. OK, I acknowledge that I had no enthusiasm or faith in Mitt Romney, but "I'd like to believe that" the Vice President would use the awesome powers of his office to reconstruct the national economy.

Sounds sillier put that way, doesn’t it? The Kubler-Ross grief chart isn't completed in a day, so you might need a little time to walk this one off.

But you're way more sensible than the grifters on Fox News currently doing their version of the Hitler in the bunker YouTube videos. You can occasionally get jazzed up on the Outrage Of The Week with the desired blogger emphasis (“You didn’t build that”/Barack Obama purposely let his Benghazi people die because something MSM what do you mean Democrats now outpoll Republicans on foreign policy?). But you’re otherwise sensible and float above that free-pills-for-sluts-birther-illegals-rape-science-is-suspicious-more-rape-we-want-our-country-back poison that killed your party on Tuesday.

When the Republican Party comes within a mile of your perspective and ideological sobriety, they might even deserve you. Better still, they might actually win a national election against an opponent who’s not a stumblebum like John Kerry, without needing a figure like Ronald Reagan. In this allegedly “right-of-center country,” the Democrats have won the popular vote in 5 out of the last 6 elections. It didn't have to be that way, and we haven’t heard many talking points in the past five years that sound like the antidote.

The Sanity Inspector said...

Paul Ryan is still in the House, so it's not like he's out of the budget wars.

Eric said...

Tough night:

Thank you?