Friday, November 30, 2012

Blindsided by the debt

Mark Steyn: "Kindly note the impending bankruptcy - You can't have American-sized taxes and European-sized government"
Sequestration sounds like castration, only more so: It would chop off everything in sight. It would be so savage in its dismemberment of poor helpless America that the Congressional Budget Office estimates that over the course of a decade the sequestration cuts would reduce the federal debt by $153 billion. Sorry, I meant to put on my Dr. Evil voice for that: ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY THREE BILLION DOLLARS!!! Which is about what the United States government currently borrows every month. No sane person could willingly countenance brutally saving a month’s worth of debt over the course of a decade.
There's been an Ed Koch quote of the mayor after losing re-election where he says: "The people have they must be punished."  Obama spent the last campaign proclaiming that, gosh darn it, if we only returned to the tax rates under Bill Clinton everything would be great.  Well, if America wants record peacetime government spending, then let's go back to those tax rates and pay for it.

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