Wednesday, September 07, 2011

The floor is yours

Here's Ann Althouse on Obama's big job speech:
It's big enough to upset Tea Party types, but not big enough to impress his lefty critics. I think the President's reelection strategy is to be really rather dull and middling... and to count on the other side looking extreme.
And that's precisely why Nancy Pelosi is flipping out that the Republicans are declining to give a rebuttal to the President's speech.  Obama is so desperate to run as Harry Truman, the last thing he wants is a reserved and rational Congress, perhaps - heaven forfend - one that passes some reasonable portion of his "plan."  Obama wants to campaign and counterpunch, because that's all he's got.


Anonymous said...

Is Nancy Pelosi writing for the Onion now? I can't tell anymore.

Give 'Em Hell, Everybody! said...

Barack Obama's not allowed to be Harry Truman! George W. Bush is Harry Truman! Remember, the historically great leader who was cruelly and unfairly maligned in his time? Before that, in 1996, Bob Dole said he was going to be Harry Truman and come back to win the election... but what Dole forgot was that Bill Clinton was already Harry Truman because of the '94 midterms! I can't wait to see who gets to be Harry Truman next!

Anonymous said...

The actual Harry Truman kind of sucked.