Monday, September 19, 2011

Designed to fail, part II

I always feel like I'm late for an issue because I can't comment until I get home from work.  Suffice to say that Obama's latest speech/plan on debt reduction is more of the same class warfare with tax hikes that couldn't pass through Congress when the Democrats held wide majorities.  But now that Republicans have posted gains in both the House and the Senate thanks to the anti-tax Tea Party - now is the moment to propose new taxes.  As before, this "new" proposal exists only as a transparent campaign ploy.

It's a sign of weakness and belittlement of a man who never wanted to lead.  He only wanted the adoration of the campaign trail.  Give 'em hell, Barry.


Anonymous said...

When is somebody going to say "Tax and spend"?

Jerry Martin

Dean Lewis said...

That's Talking Points Classic. They're too busy this month saying "class warfare."