Wednesday, September 14, 2011

America sounds its barbaric yawn

This country has reached a tipping point.  No, I'm not talking about the upset election in NY-9.  It's that America is tuning out that crashing bore:

In four speeches on his jobs plan in six days, President Obama has hounded lawmakers to “pass this bill” and urged Americans to raise their voices and join him in the call to action.
“Call, email, tweet, fax, visit, Facebook, send a carrier pigeon to” Republicans in Congress, telling them to pass his plan right away, Obama has said with an impassioned plea.  The president has spread his rallying cry on Twitter and Facebook, even launching a website designed to help supporters contact their representatives.
So far, at least, the effort to leverage a flood of popular support for the plan against recalcitrant members of Congress seems to have fallen flat. 
Sources on Capitol Hill tell ABC News congressional switchboards and email servers have not been inundated by any notable increases in traffic, certainly nothing close to what was encountered after Obama delivered similar pleas for action during the contentious debt-ceiling debate and health care-reform battle.
At some point, even Obama's vaunted oratorical skills could not move the needle when every issue is met with a campaign speech.  Since his latest grand speech to Congress, Obama's popularity numbers continue to slide and a majority of Americans think this latest stimulus is a waste of money.  And as the Minuteman points out, Republicans - who aren't hearing their phones ringing - aren't going to pay a political price for blocking legislation Americans don't want.

Extra - Patterico: "America's just not that into you."

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