Monday, September 12, 2011

Everybody act surprised: Obama wants massive new tax hikes

In case you were wondering if Obama really cared about any job other than his own, take note of how he wants to pay for his new jobs package.  Obama wants tax increases - and only tax increases - the same ones rejected by a filibuster-proof Democrat-controlled Congress two years ago.

Remember all that empty talk about "taking on his own party" to reform entitlements?  Yeah, right.  This jobs bill exists to save one job by allowing Obama to campaign against a "do nothing" Congress that will surely refuse to pass any legislation now that was unpalatable when Nancy Pelosi was Speaker.

Extra - Megan McArdle sees it too "A Never-Never Plan": "I was tenatively in favor of the jobs plan that Obama proposed last week.  But that's before I realized that he has no intention of trying to get it passed."

More - From Q&O: "Gotta love it.  No politics in this.  Nothing happens until January 2013 (how convenient).  And the changes will pay for his spending now in 10 years."

And this - Charles Krauthammer: "The word 'cynicism' is inadequate here."

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