Sunday, July 31, 2011

You tried the best, now try the rest

The late word filtering out of Washington is that the outlines of a compromise on the debt limit has emerged that includes things the Republicans will like (no taxes) and the main thing that President Obama has listed as critical: getting him past November 2012 without this issue coming up again. Oh, and everybody can breathe easier: there will be a "Super Committee" that will cut lots of spending or else.

I, for one, think it's time to stop staffing these commissions with politicians, economists, and people with years of experience navigating fiscal policy (e.g. Bowles-Simpson). Let turn it over to the dumbest people in America: the Casey Anthony jurors. How much worse could they do? I mean look at the "smart power" of this White House as a baseline for comparison.


another Eric Lindholm said...

We already have the debate driven, and decisions molded, by the second dumbest people in America: the tea partyists. I wouldn't expect the Anthony jurors to be any different. Just give them a single sentence of Dixie Cup dogma masquerading as economic philosophy, coach them to recite it with religious fervor while screening out any analysis grounded in data or experience, and they'll be fine.

Anonymous said...

The dumb people? You mean the only people who were presented with a full set of facts and had the courage to say that the government did not prove their case. If the smart people are the ones who watch parasites like Nancy Grace, I'd rather be dumb. Turning our justice system into American Idol where we allow right and wrong, or guilt and innocence determined by public opinion is not the answer. Good job on blaming the people from the jury for the governments failure to present a winning case. That's very Democrat of you, blaming the people for not realizing the governments obvious omniscience.

"I'd rather be dumb": your wish may come true said...

Great call, Anonymous. When we think "very Democrat," we think Nancy "Convict 'Em All" Grace. And of federal prosecutors who always try to load up juries with Democrats while keeping leery Republicans off.