Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Nobody wants to do nothin' in Washington

I've been thinking about Senator McConnell's trial balloon to let President Obama raise the debt limit in three steps, and I decided I don't like it. Politically, it's a shrewd move. But philosophically, I'm so very sick and tired of politicians in Washington refusing to lead. This goes for the various Washington "czars" and Medicare's Independent Payment Advisory Board, and the latest showdown, waiting for the bond market to put sufficient pressure on the major players. Anything to pass the buck.

I mean these guys work about 30 weeks a year and every week is three, four days tops. And they're not digging ditches: all they have to do is represent the will of the people. But apparently putting words on a piece of legislation and then pushing a button to vote is too much.

If I had my druthers, Congress would be holding daily votes on raising the debt ceiling, so everybody can be on record. OK, you don't like the Ryan budget? What's the alternative? As Ari might say, let's vote it out. Do something.

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