Monday, July 25, 2011

I'll have one scoop of ice cream instead of my desired two - that's called "dieting"

Paul Ryan exposes the "Trillion-Dollar Gimmick" in Harry Reid's proposal to "save" money by artificially holding elevated military spending as a baseline then calling it a "cut." Hat tip to Ace who correctly noted that the media regurgitated this talking point without, you know, doing any kind of fact-checking.

I think checking sources, fact-checking, and contacting people to confirm allegations must be an elective at journalism school. It's no wonder that a wide majority of Americans view the media as biased and unethical.

Clearly the problem is Fox News.

Extra - See Matt Hoy on "Quantifying media bias" and "Not telling the whole story."


Anonymous said...

Yes, the man who continues to propose private Medicare vouchers which lag behind the expected standard increase of cost and calls it "preserving and protecting" the system abhors insincere accounting gimmicks!

Hat tip to Ace who correctly noted: ""Insurance" is a magical word in the liberal's ear; it is a medicine that cures all ills, apparently.... You can have the best health insurance in the world, but if you fall off of a tall building you're still going to die. You know what the best "insurance" would have been in that situation? Watching where you were going, that's what. And best of all, that kind of insurance is absolutely free!"

IOKIYAR said...

Go get 'em, Paul Ryan! Expose those phonies!