Thursday, October 02, 2008

Sarah smile

I thought Sarah Palin did okie-dokie tonight and Joe Biden didn't make any major gaffes, so maybe "tie goes to the challenger." But on Fox News, pollster Frank Luntz had a large focus group of undecided voters in St. Louis and they were effusive in praise for Governor Palin. I think the main difference is that Sarah manages to connect on a more personal level.

Sarah Palin wandered off topic at times, coming back to energy once too often. But Biden lapsed into Senate-speak in a way that seems disingenuous and I'm pretty sure he fudged the facts on some Senate votes. We'll see what Factcheck says about the debate tomorrow.

Extra – Andrew Sullivan said what?

More – Ace has the transcript of the Luntz group.

And this – Ann Althouse liveblogged along with Betsy and Q&O. Good night!


Anonymous said...

Frank Luntz's hack-y, please-the-client "results" are frequently built upon wishes. All of the other TV focus groups are showing a marked preference for Biden. (Damn their media filters!)

Luntz's polling is a lot like's "updated" and impartial electoral vote estimate, which remains stubbornly frozen on 273-265 for the fourth week in a row. Steadfast Scotty just knows the Great Red Pumpkin will come to his pumpkin patch, if he just keeps the faith.

Anonymous said...

I think the main difference is that Sarah manages to connect on a more personal level.

For what it's worth, the polls are repeatedly showing that Jes' Plain Folks Sarah also manages to repel on a personal level. And in greater numbers than she connects. As difficult as McCain's electoral challenge already is, she's actually dragging him down.

The debate was entertainment, like a NASCAR race where the crash never came. This is the norm. The memorable takedown of Dan Quayle in the 1988 VP debate, as brutal as it was, cost the Republicans 0 points in the subsequent polling.

So even a Palin "win," which this certainly wasn't, can't be expected to turn the tide.

Anonymous said...

The media is deep up its own ass and is in awe of the beautiful view.

I spotted a good point online about actual people: NOBODY CARES whether Sarah Palin met Andrea Mitchell's lowered expectations. They just want to know what Palin can do for the middle class.

Anonymous said...

Palin had to keep veering back to energy because it's one of her strong points, and the moderator didn't ask any questions about it.

John A said...

Foreign policy expert "Joe Biden didn't make any major gaffes" with, perhaps, saying the US (and France) kicked Hezbollah out of Lebanon (uh, was there a major military oeration I never heard about?) and he and BHO said NATO should go in (to do what? Fight those UN [*spit*] troops?) to keep them out (of a place they never left) but instead they had been made part of the government (all by themselves, of course, with no hel from Syria whuich country might have something to say about a NATO force).

Anonymous said...

UPDATE: Free at last! Free at last! ElectionProjection's EV estimate is free at last!

And did you realize that Obama picked up 160 electoral votes in the last four days? Now THAT'S a debate bump.

Sept. 29th: 273-265
Oct. 2nd: 353-185