Sunday, October 26, 2008

Amazing Race update - Angkor Wat's goin' on?

Teams started out from Phil's homeland of New Zealand and had to find their way to Siem Reap, Cambodia. Ken & Tina have a two-hour head start. Terence refers to himself in the third person, then gets pulled over for speeding on the way to the airport. The Ditzy Divorcees declare themselves "intelligent" which foreshadows some dumb move during this leg. Team Infidelity and Team Co-Dependency are on the earliest flight and Team Bluto and Team Long Distance are on the latest flight, so it's very likely one of these teams will be eliminated tonight.

Spoke too soon: Team Bluto finds another flight leaving right away so Aja and Ty are on the very last flight to Cambodia. They better hope for some bunching and/or a serious Detour. Once in Cambodia, teams are supposed to find some self-pump gas station. The "intelligent"divorcees, Kelly & Christie, stop at an Exxon station and check a restroom for the next clue. Heh. Nick & Starr finish the gas-pumping task and head to the next stop which is a floating restaurant. The frat boys Andrew & Dan can't figure out how to use their pump.

At the Siem Reap harbor, teams take flat boats out to the restaurant. The outboard engine on Terence & Sarah's boat blows up as we go to commercial. I think they are allowed a replacement boat but there's no credit for lost time. Aja & Ty are catching up.

At the restaurant, it's the Detour: Village Life or Village Work. Teams must collect items from around the boat docks, or collect a bunch of fish. Tina executes a proper wai to the Cambodian dentist. Nick & Starr finish the Detour and head to Angkor Wat. Meanwhile, the Ditzy Divorcees stay true to their name by doing a task before getting the clue. Nevertheless, they pass Team Bluto who are always bringing up the rear.

At Angkor Wat, it's the Roadblock: one team must search the grounds of what Phil calls "the largest religious structure in the world." The Racer must find a certain room that echoes a heartbeat when you thump your chest. Nick finds it fairly quickly by asking locals at the temple while Tina wanders aimlessly, actually walking right through the chamber. Team Perky heads to the Pit Stop at Bayon temple near Angkor Wat. As predicted, Aja & Ty cannot overcome their large time deficit and they are eliminated.

From the "didn't see that coming" file: Terence & Sarah will be penalized a half-hour at the start of the next leg for getting pulled over by a Kiwi traffic cop.

Final standings:

Team Perky - Nick & Starr - Prize: Travelocity again
Team Mom/Son - Toni & Dallas
Team Co-dependency - Terence & Sarah
Team Infidelity - Ken & Tina
Team Ditzy Divorcees - Kelly & Christie
Team Bluto - Andrew & Dan
Team Long Distance - Aja & Ty - PHILIMINATED

Next week: Tensions rise on Team Infidelity.

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