Sunday, December 16, 2007

Special "air quotes" news analysis: Terror suspect "escapes" in Pakistan

Fox News: "Pakistani Authorities Say Terrorist Suspected of Plotting to Blow Up Trans-Atlantic Flights Has Escaped"

Pakistani authorities are "hunting" for a British man suspected in an alleged plot to blow up trans-Atlantic jetliners who "escaped" police custody, a deep embarrassment to the government of President Pervez Musharraf.

Rashid Rauf "fled" Saturday after appearing before a judge at a court in the capital Islamabad in connection with an inquiry before his extradition to Britain, Interior Secretary Kamal Shah said Sunday.

Interior Minister Hamid Nawaz assured Ambassador Robert Brinkely that the suspect's capture was a "priority," [ed.: ironic quote marks in original] British High Commission spokeswoman Laura Davies said.

Rauf "managed to open his handcuffs" and "evade two police guards" who were supposed to "take him back to jail" in nearby Rawalpindi, police said Saturday.

Shah said security teams were "searching the country" for Rauf and would report back within three days.
And so on from our "ally" Pakistan.

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