Sunday, December 30, 2007

Amazing Race update - Traffic in Mumbai

Teams started out in Florence, Italy and needed to make their way to Mumbai, India. At the airport, there's a scramble for the earliest flight and TK & Rachel end up with the slowest route to the former Bombay. Remarkably, Kynt & Vyxsin arrive first which is a big break for them since they will be facing the first ever "Speed Bump" somewhere along this leg - an extra task only for them because they came in last on the previous leg. Of course, this all doesn't matter since the newsstand with their next clue doesn't open until 6am the next morning. Everybody's bunched up.

As I predicted before the episode started, somebody (Nathan) made a comment about the smell. Mr. Miyagi slept on the street with a mask over his face.

Once at the newsstand, teams needed to find a small ad in the Times of India instructing teams to a tailor shop and the next clue. Team Generic Couple starts freaking out when all the other teams find the clue ahead of them and head off. Jennifer expends ten-times more energy complaining than focusing on the task at hand.

At the clue, it's a Detour: Paste 'em or Thread 'em. Teams may either put up movie posters on a wall or put together wedding garlands. Meanwhile, Team Sexual Confusion hit their Speed Bump: they must stop racing long enough to do some yoga poses with a yoga instructor. Ronald, as usual, starts yelling at his daughter when their Detour doesn't go according to plan. He's like the typical Dilbert-style manager. Meanwhile, slow and steady wins the Race as Nicolas and Donald finish the movie poster pasting job and lurch into first place. Caution: U-Turn ahead.

TK & Rachel arrive first at the next clue at a traffic circle and they're simply directed somewhere else. So this is just a drive around Mumbai. At the next clue, it's a Roadblock: one team member must deliver six tanks of propane gas to addresses around the city. Ronald, Donald, and TK are hauling tanks up stairs while Team Confusion and Team Generic Couple race to the traffic circle and the U-Turn. Nathan & Jennifer had finished their Detour first but Kynt & Vyxsin arrived at the clue box first and U-Turned…Nicolas & Donald? They're already past the clue, so this U-Turn is meaningless unless Karma is in play.

Back at the Roadblock, TK finishes first and Team Birkenstock heads off to the Pit Stop at Bandra Fort where they arrive in first place. It's a race for last place between Kynt and tiny Jennifer who seems driven by adrenaline and yet constantly on the edge of meltdown. She finishes the Roadblock first while Kynt has to go back because he forgot receipts for the propane tanks. Team Sexual Confusion arrives last to the mat and they are eliminated, although Phil compliments their sartorial choices which ran the gamut from black to pink.

Final standings:

1 - TK & Rachel - Team Birkenstock
2 - Nicolas & Donald - Team Rude Boy and Gramps
3 - Ronald & Christina - Team Miyagi and Grasshopper
4 - Nathan & Jennifer - Team Generic Couple
5 - Kynt & Vyxsin - Team Sexual Confusion - PHILIMINATED

Next week - Looks like China. TK & Rachel either jump ahead or fall behind.

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Kris said...

It's ironic that the Goths were Philiminated due to stereotyping. Their assumption about the racing ability of Don sealed their fate. Ha!