Friday, July 13, 2007

The end of the line for Zimbabwe - From the Economist: "Zimbabwe is an increasingly wretched place and, sadly, will grow more miserable for some time yet. This week an outspoken Roman Catholic Archbishop, Pius Ncube, who has become the strongest voice of opposition in the country, described the economic situation as "life-threatening". That was an understatement. Years of economic collapse, provoked by dreadful misrule, have already taken a huge toll on Zimbabwean lives: the population has been battered by hunger, poverty and AIDS; some 3m people are estimated to have fled abroad; life expectancy has dropped to medieval levels."


Brian said...

I like that you keep bring up Zimbabwe, Eric. Keep it up.

By the way, the life expectancy in that sad place is about the same age that you and I are now. That's just pathetic.

Dave said...

Well, my Marxist friend continues to assure me that this is all a result of some mix or other of colonialism, neo-colonialism, and American imperialism and if we just let the Marxist solution work itself out everything will be just dandy.

You'll see.