Thursday, July 12, 2007

Can't buy me love (or happiness) - In light of today's record stock market closing, it's worth taking a look at Robert Samuelson's take on the schism between prosperity and national contentment. Ho-hum.

Extra - More economic fun here and here. Don't tell Paul Krugman.


Bleeding in Bloomington said...

So far this fiscal year the annual budget deficit is 41% lower than the deficit posted in the comparable period of the prior fiscal year.

My next-door neighbor used to punch me in the face every day. Now he only punches me in the face on Monday, Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday. He's a great guy!

Dick Trickledown said...

The dollar is getting massacred to a historic degree, the housing market is cratering, real wages have been stagnant for a generation, health care is unreliable and overpriced... but it's rising affluence and the psychology of prosperity that has people feeling glum.

Fools! What is it about "Warren Buffett's having a phenomenal quarter" that these mopes don't understand?

Memoryman said...

Hey, does anybody remember the middle class? I wonder where they went? Dy-no-mite!