Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Your Zimbabwe moment of Zen - NY Times "Zimbabwe seeks 'indigenous' control of companies": "Zimbabwe's government has put forward legislation that would require virtually all publicly traded companies to cede controlling interests to "indigenous" citizens, raising the possibility of a sizable redistribution of the country's remaining wealth at a time when its economy is collapsing." Sounds like a plan!


Brian said...

I love the word :indigenous." In P.C. speak it means "whitey need not apply."

I am sure this plan would be a roaring success the same way Mugabe's farm transfers to the indigenous people was.

Bram said...

"Cede" is a much better word than "sell." Since their currency is worthless, it will amount government siezure of any company foolish enough to still operate there.

Just when you think the economy there can't get any worse, they find new ways to further destroy commerce.

Anonymous said...

How many US attorneys has Mugabe fired? How many Plames has he outed?

Dorothy Gale said...

That last comment is dumb. But it is weird to see writers on this board searching for a lawless, inept head of state to criticize... and heading over to Zimbabwe.

"If you can't find your heart's desire in your own backyard, then you never really lost it to begin with."