Monday, June 04, 2007

Misleading headline of the day: "Clinton: Faith helped her through marriage infidelity"

Faith Hill? Blind Faith? Faith Ford? Percy Faith?

Wait, she doesn't mean religiosity as in a belief in God, does she? No, no, can't be.


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure all she means is "I'm throwing out some empty lip service to Jebus, to get the yahoos to like me." It worked for Bush Jr.

Dave said...

Maybe she can start packing that huge honkin' Bible Bill lugged around all the time after getting caught out about getting Lewinskied.

I don't really see how she can do this and avoid losing the all-important Church of Global Climate Change yahoos, though.

North said...

Dave's premise is fascinating but not fully expressed: that religious people would be so moved to reject global warming? That only atheists believe in global warming? Because... why?

Bram said...

I laughed hard when I read that headline.