Friday, December 29, 2006

Reality sets in

From San Luis

As he faced the gallows Friday, Saddam Hussein told his lawyers that he was prepared to die and his supporters in Iraq would view him as a martyr. The former dictator "believes in his destiny," one of his attorneys said.

But Iraqi government officials who are close to the case described a very different Saddam, one who was extremely nervous Friday evening when U.S. officials reportedly handed him over.

"He is in a state of shock," said Mithal Alusi, a parliament member who sat in on the government's daylong meetings Friday about Saddam's fate. "He came apart. He realized he couldn't escape this."

Saddam was executed around 6 a.m. Baghdad time (10 p.m. EST) on Saturday.
Yes he was.

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Tyrants with Dirty Faces said...

Two interesting descriptions from two completely neutral parties.

But why do I think Mr. Hussein's demeanor most likely fell somewhere between amazing stoic indomitability, and humiliating emotional collapse?