Sunday, December 10, 2006

Peace in our time, pt. 2 – Mark Steyn is not a fan of the ISG report: “If they're lucky, this document will be tossed in the trash and these men and women will be the laughingstocks of posterity. But, if it's not shredded and we embark down this path, then the Baker group will be emblematic of something far worse. The "Support Group" is a "peace conference," and Baker wants Washington to sue for terms. No wonder Syria is already demanding concessions from America. Which is the superpower and which is the third-rate basket-case state? From the Middle Eastern and European press coverage of the Baker group, it's kinda hard to tell.”


Reality Lad said...

Yeah, Mark, it's called "losing a war." It does suck, doesn't it?

Tell you what, Steyn. You take The Bush Legacy, I'll take The Laughingstocks of Posterity. We'll meet up in 40 years and see who has to buy the other guy a drink.

Anonymous said...

RL, you are so on.

Except, 40 years from now, you'll be dmhimmi and alcohol will be forbidden, thanks to your embittered, hardheaded western guilt.