Sunday, February 05, 2006

Political correctness on a global scale

Mark Steyn: “Sensitivity can have brutal consequences”:

Thus, NBC is celebrating Easter this year with a special edition of the gay sitcom "Will & Grace," in which a Christian conservative cooking-show host, played by the popular singing slattern Britney Spears, offers seasonal recipes -- "Cruci-fixin's." On the other hand, the same network, in its coverage of the global riots over the Danish cartoons, has declined to show any of the offending artwork out of "respect" for the Muslim faith.

Which means out of respect for their ability to locate the executive vice president's home in the suburbs and firebomb his garage.
For the record, on Fox News Sunday this morning they showed one of the Denmark cartoons (the one with the bomb-turban). Better get an intern to start your car, Chris Wallace.

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