Sunday, February 05, 2006

Free speech under assault - Here’s Jeff Jacoby in today’s Boston Globe with “We are all Danes now”: “Make no mistake: This story is not going away, and neither is the Islamofascist threat. The freedom of speech we take for granted is under attack, and it will vanish if it is not bravely defended. Today the censors may be coming for some unfunny Mohammed cartoons, but tomorrow it is your words and ideas they will silence. Like it or not, we are all Danes now.”

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wvwv said...

And here's the official response from George W. Bush's State Department:

"We all fully recognize and respect freedom of the press and expression, but it must be coupled with press responsibility. Inciting religious or ethnic hatreds in this manner is not acceptable.... Anti-Muslim images are as unacceptable as anti-Semitic images, as anti-Christian images, or any other religious belief."

Freedom's been "on the march" so long. It's no wonder it needed to take a break and rest for a while.

You'd think that given the opportunity to debunk Islamofascism or indicate an understanding of freedom of expression, the administration might have wandered over to the proper side of at least one of those topics. They didn't even get the point of the story right. Perhaps they were distracted by last week's official government complaint about a Tom Toles cartoon, which deliberately misrepresented Toles' satiric target...

...hmm, but maybe we'd better stop speaking openly about difficult subjects. For the 53rd consecutive calendar month, "Now is not the time™."