Thursday, November 10, 2005

A small piece of good news for the GOP

Joe Biden says “I’m running” for President in 2008:

Biden's apparent declaration of his presidential intentions is a step further than he was willing to go in an August appearance on NBC's "Meet the Press" when he told moderator Tim Russert: "I'm going to continue the quest to determine whether or not I can put together a campaign and raise the money and be a viable candidate for president. That's my intention."
Joe Biden breaks every rule for Presidential candidates: 1.) a Senator, 2.) the “Law of 14”, 3.) small electoral college vote state and (most critically) 4.) the “living room” rule.


Gary Bauer said...

Absolutely blockbuster news. Biden's charismatic presence will sink the Democratic hopes in 2008 as surely as Lamar Alexander crippled GWB in 2000.

Howard Dean must be popping Tums: this is like the party's unforgettable 1992 Paul Tsongas nightmare all over again!

Anonymous said...

I don't know if I buy into the law of 14, but Biden is simply a non-starter due to the living room test. Not likeable at all -- except to the lefties that enjoyed seeing him try to confront John Roberts.

enobarbus said...

I'd say another rule, though not one completely codified as such, is that you can't win if you embarrassed yourself with a bizarre plagiarism flap the last time you ran for president.

(Biden is in fact a two-time loser on plagiarism.)

Pat Patterson said...

Can you win the presidency with transplants?

Anonymous said...

How about the Room Temperature Rule: Your IQ has to be above room temperature to be elected President.

It's not obvious Biden makes it.