Saturday, November 05, 2005

It was an “accident” – see the quote marks

From the NY Post, by way of Free Republic: “NYC Firefighter crashes into Oliver Stone’s movie

A drunken firefighter plowed a stolen truck yesterday into the Chelsea set of Oscar-winning director Oliver Stone's controversial film about 9/11, police said. No one was hurt in the wild early morning incident.

Investigators said Scharf's boneheaded actions did not seem to stem from any anger over Stone's contentious film, but was just a coincidence.

The movie has stirred some resentment among 9/11 victims' families and firefighters because of Stone's love of blame-America conspiracy theories.
Nothing to see here, move along from that grassy knoll.


Lee Harvey Comics said...

Back and to the far left. Back and to the far left.

Anonymous said...

I sent this to a friend of mine and his comment was,

"If his family is so powerful, then why did he run?"

Ted Kennedy, please pick up the white courtesy phone.

My friend is Canadian and that's the first thing that came to his mind. Now why didn't we see that connection?