Thursday, March 03, 2005

Me no want save

Here’s an asshat on Slate who is against personal savings accounts for the most insipid reason: he doesn’t want to think too much.

Social Security is our little taste of this freedom. The world adds and adds. Social Security subtracts. It simplifies life. Social Security is "Social" and "Secure" instead of "Individual" and "At Risk." That's what is so maddening to people on the right, the Ayn Randers, the libertarians.

They look down on the rest of us. They think of us as slugs. We aren't living authentically until we worry as much as they do.
Yes, that’s right, we live for it! Nothing gives “us” greater pleasure than flipping a nickel into a tin cup and thinking “Dumb bastard should have invested in Exxon.” Oh, it’s sublime superciliousness and, behind gilded doors, we laugh laugh laugh.

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